…It is suddenly so easy to tell an Ethiopian apart from an Eritrean… Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.01.18

  • If you see someone preaching on the streets of Asmara in a shiny white suit perched on the shoulders of his followers… be sure that he is an Ethiopian preaching and the those carrying him are Eritreans and will be probably be arrested as soon as he switches his live broadcast off…


  • If you see an independent TV broadcaster making a lifestyle program for a private TV company with extremely nervous guides… be sure that the bubbly presenter is Ethiopian and her bag- of-nerve companions are Eritreans (worse: they are actually Eritreans possibly born and raised in Ethiopia… the bottom most pile in the pile of victims of the Ethio-Eritrea war… and still at the bottom when it come to gaining from the dividend of peace) clue: they didn’t go to Massawa to complete the project… Hint: they have permit to roam the country!


  • If you see a group of business people freely discussing their ambitious plans to open Eritrea up for business and then you see them being watched by similar looking business people with similar size dreams and ambitions (and finances and know how)… those sitting in Asmara discussing plans on the ground are Ethiopians and those watching in disbelief  their business ideas, dreams and ambitions being echoed from a distance are Eritreans (and they are probably sat watching this from a dusty bar in the refugee quarters of Kampala!)


  • If you see an Airline business manager outlining his business plan for exciting new Eritrean destinations in the near future… be sure it is none other that the Ethiopian Airline manager and his counter part in the Eritrean Airline is a refugee somewhere in Europe watching in disbelief.


  • If you see an array of politicians (Eritrean and Ethiopian) rushing through Asmara to negotiate accords with an opposition political organisation that for some reason continues to have doubts on the assurances already given, be sure the opposition group (armed at that!) is an Ethiopian group… Eritrean opposition groups are not mentioned or talked about in any shape or form despite their presence in the region…


  • If you see a group of diaspora people singing and dancing clad in flags and waiting to meet their Prime minister and asking pertinent (…well some were pertinent!) questions be sure they are members of the Ethiopian diaspora… (The Eritrean diaspora WILL ofcourse be dancing and singing too only no guts to ask the questions and no one to answer either… and certainly no one broadcasting live to the world !)

…There are many other examples of how peace has made it really easy to distinguish between Eritreans and Ethiopians despite everyone telling us WE ARE ONE PEOPLE!