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I wonder what she called you, little one?

Your precious Mama…

Maybe she called you Berhan? … my light

Or did she call you Haben? … my pride

She may have called you Qisanet… after rest she yearned

Or were you Awet? … Victory …

Tell me little one did she name you after her hope?

Or her aspirations … her dream?

Did she call you Amen as end to her prayers?

Did she name you after the saints your Grandma prayed to?

Or were you named after the brother she lost in prison?

Maybe after her father long gone?

Did she name you … Sina … after the desert she crossed?

Or Eritrea … the land she reluctantly left…?

Perhaps she named you for the land you were to inherit?

Tell me little one what did you precious Mama call you? …

For I can’t bear you being called number 92…